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There is plenty on offer at Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp such as mountain biking, fishing, birding, canoeing and, of course, swimming and relaxing. Mountain bikes and fishing equipment are available for hire. Other popular attractions to explore include the ancient big Baobab tree, the bushman paintings, the Crowned Eagle’s nest and the sandy beaches along the Umfurudzi River banks. Please note that the availability of activities is subject to weather conditions, guests’ fitness levels and experience, etc.

Guests can choose from going on a guided game walk in Garura Wildlife Park to see a variety of wildlife, or they can go on a bird and tree walk with our experienced guide who has a wealth of knowledge about the birdlife and tree species that can be seen in Hippo Pools.

A Birders’ Paradise

Enjoy ticking off rare bird sightings on the Hippo Pools Bird List. Any experienced or novice birder will delight in seeing these beauties.

Top 25 birds to be found at Hippo Pools:

1. African Broadbill
2. African Crowned Eagle
3. African Cuckoo Hawk
4. African Finfoot
5. African Pitta
6. Arnot’s Chat
7. Bat Hawk
8. Boulder Chat
9. Half-collared Kingfisher
10. Livingstone’s Flycatcher
11. Martial Eagle
12. Narina Trogon
13. Osprey

14. Ovambo Sparrowhawk
15. Collared Palm-thrush
16. Pel’s Fishing-Owl
17. Pennant-winged Nightjar
18. Racket-tailed Roller
19. Red-throated Twinspot
20. Spotted Creeper
21. Thick-billed Cuckoo
22. Verreaux’s Eagle
23. Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl
24. Western banded Snake-eagle
25. White-backed Night-Heron

African Finfoot Bird Hippo Pools