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Hippo Pools Trust Logo

Who We Are

Hippo Pools Trust was founded on the generosity and vision of an English visitor to the Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp in 1998.

Sally Plummer came to visit Hippo Pools with her husband, Richard Lowe, and was introduced to one of the local schools. This was the start of a longstanding relationship between Sally and the local community, and, as the Hippo Pools Trust, we continue to promote our motto, “People and Wildlife Together.”


Our longest running program is to sponsor the education of talented orphaned children from primary to vocational or university level. Otherwise lack of funds would mean a life of subsistence farming, illegal gold panning or unemployment.

We are very proud of our hard-working students, boys and girls, some of whom are now young men and women making their way in the world.


Community Healthcare

We built a primary healthcare clinic with solar power and running water. It is the only such facility in the area and serves 4000 people. Before 2015 babies were born at home without any basic support, using traditional medicine. At first many people were suspicious of the modern health care at the clinic however, as mothers often do not have clothes for their newborns, we donated “baby-grows” for each child. This simple measure has meant that now all local mothers are monitored in their pregnancies and come to the clinic to give birth. During the Covid Pandemic we support the Clinic with PPE and cleaning materials.

Local School Infrastructure

Over the past 15 years, Hippo Pools Trust has built and equipped a new secondary school, and built new classrooms at four local primary schools, together with toilet blocks and teacher accommodation We have supplied text and library books, classroom furniture, as well as basics like exercise books and pens.

Anti-poaching Unit

Our anti-poaching unit has grown to include fourteen fully trained full-time scouts who actively patrol, day and night, a large area surrounding Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp within Umfurudzi Park to protect our wildlife, fish and natural environment. Anti-poaching creates jobs, promotes training and education and reduces habitat and wildlife destruction. In addition to our patrols, we run conservation courses for local community children to learn about our animals and their heritage.